Gmatic® service offering defines itself across the areas Service Hotline, Self-made Maintenance, Maintenance Contracts and Reconditioning Packages. Here, too, Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG stays true to its motto of "Keep it simple!" Unlike conventional service offerings, the customer is integrated as a partner, as only cooperation makes us stronger. Consequential benefits are:


  • Minimised downtime
  • Minimised costs
  • Maximum reliability

The service hotline (+49 2389 40 30 20) in the Bergkamen factory is your point of contact for all issues concerning the Gmatic® floor and rider-operated scrubber dryers. A fundamental advantage of all Gmatic® products is the easy access to all machine components and wearing parts. Maintenance and repairs for every single Gmatic® scrubber dryer is child's play. Past everyday experience has shown that in nearly 80% of all cases, problems can already be solved over the phone.



  • Fast assistance
  • Qualified customer service team with practical experience
  • Extensive troubleshooting with approachable, patient staff
  • All contact exclusively with a dedicated contact person
  • Qualified technicians available for on-site requirements

The cleaning or vacuuming performance of your Gmatic® scrubber dryer is no longer what it was on its first day of use? It is an annoying and aggravating problem, and one that is well-known to anyone who uses a scrubber dryer. Time-consuming and expensive service is not necessary for solving the majority of problems. The design of Gmatic® scrubber dryers enables intuitive error diagnostics and the replacement of components, often without the need for any tools. For one thing is clear: the fastest and most cost-effective member of our customer service team is you.



  • Clearly defined wearing parts packages support you in performing repairs yourself
  • Delays waiting for service technicians are eradicated
  • Do-it-yourself approach - immediate and cost-effective
  • Any further questions? Our customer service team is happy to help
  • Training courses are readily available, either on-site or in the Bergkamen factory

You would like the added benefits of feeling secure, carefree and in control of costs? Then take advantage of our maintenance contracts any time you like. Be it for quarterly, semi-annual or annual maintenance, Gmatic® scrubber dryer maintenance contracts are tailored locally to meet the individual needs of our customers. The scope of each maintenance contract is defined by the level required by the machine's range of application and its user. We are happy to limit the maintenance contract to the supply of replacement parts in the context of self-made maintenance as well. Call our service hotline for more information on our maintenance offerings!



  • Individually customised maintenance contracts that match your needs and local circumstances
  • 12- or 24-month contract period
  • Price guarantee for the entire duration of the contract
  • Safeguarding of your investment's value throughout its lifetime

Each Gmatic® scrubber dryer is in essence "as hard as steel". Depending on the model, our scrubber dryers are made of up to 75% DIN 1.4301(Aisi 304) stainless steel. Every single workpiece's surface structure is finished with a special electropolishing process before being assembled. This process ensures that the basic structure of a Gmatic® never ages, the original shine and polish can be restored even years later as part of a complete reconditioning package that makes your Gmatic®  scrubber dryer shine as it did on its first day of use.



  • The most sustainable service available in the industry
  • Products that hold their value for as long as possible
  • Universal problem resolution
  • 12-month extended guarantee included
  • Option to retrofit product design improvements (starting with year of construction 2015)

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