Ride-on Scrubber Driers

Model range 155 litres

Currently the smallest Ride-On Scrubber Drier out of the Gmatic® family. Chassis width of 76cm only by close to 5:36 hours run time per battery charge. With working width from 85cm to 105cm: Brush deck stick out left and right of 9cm to 29cm for extensive scrubbing under overhangs. “Swinging” scrub deck for direct to the edge operation along glass walls. Scrubbing power of h/d single disks. Technique protecting system controller regulation: Soft start, three speed settings for scrubbing and suction, current limiter, battery watch dog. With rear power train of 800W and solenoid brake, differential and energy recuperation while breaking for operation on even long ramps and slops.

Aufsitz-Scheuersaugmaschine - Modellreihe 155 Liter

Rotan 155 BTX 105 (36V)

Rotan 155 BTX 105 (36V)


Working width mm 1.050
Squeegee width mm 1.370
Dimensions (LxBxH) mm 1.510 x 760 x 1.550
Operating weight kg 860


Fresh water Liter 145
Water consumption ml/m² 50
Water consumption L/min 6,3
Tank range 2.900


Speed1 km/h 0-9
Differential axle W 800
Brush motor W 3x 430
Brush speed rpm 200/300


Battery voltage V 36
Battery amps AhC5 186
Performance per hour2
Current consumption3 A 39
Battery range (net)3
(by 80% DoD)
h:min 3:50
Battery range3
(by 80% DoD, 4km/h)


Charger A 50
Charging time h 4,5

1 The maximum speed can be parameterized, i.e. limited.
   Working and transport speeds can be set separately.
2 Realistic practical value -40%.
3 in power mode on smooth ground. The value can vary widely.


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