Gmatic Einschreibenmaschine ES420

Gmatic® single-disc machines ES420 and ES420 Duo are multi-purpose machines for daily cleaning tasks such as scrubbing, shampooing and polishing. The heavy scrubbers have a DOC drive overload / safety clutch to protect against overload damage. The model variant ES420 Duo allows you to choose between two speed levels (144 or 288 rpm).

Single Disc Machine with Contral™-Brushes

The brush holder of the Gmatic® ES420 and ES420 Duo is prepared for use with Contral ™ master plates. Thus, a single-disc machine can be equipped with 5 sub-brushes. The contrarotating sub-brushes stabilize the single-disc machine and ensure fatigue-free floor finishing. The small sub-brushes rotate at 2.5 times the speed of the master plate and maximize cleaning success. Due to the smaller contact surface compared to a conventional brush, higher pres- sure pressure per sub-brush is achieved and the power consumption of the cleaning system is reduced.


Advantages of Gmatic® Single Disc Machines

  • for daily cleaning tasks such as scrubbing, shampooing and polishing
  • two brush speed levels selectable (ES 420 Duo)
  • brush holder prepared for use with contral master plates and sub brushes (mixed equipment possible)
  • high degree of mechanical treatment on the floor minimizes water consumption and detergent usage
  • contra rotating subbrushes stabilize the single disc machine and ensures non exhausting application
  • 2.5 times the speed of subbrushes compared to the master plate and multiple overlap maximize the cleaning success
  • maximize the specific contact pressure of each sub brush by reducing the contact surface
  • reduced power consumption compared to the use of a conventional single disc brush


Contral-Masterteller mitfünf verschiedenen Subbürsten Subbürsten mit Schleifkorn (46,120, 320) oder PES Gmatic Einscheibenmaschine im Schwimmbad mit kontrarotierenden Subbürsten
Contral-Master-Plate with
five different sub brushes
Sub brushes with abrasive grain
(46,120, 320) or PES
Gmatic Einscheibenmaschine mit zwei wählbaren Leistungsstufen Gmatic Einscheibenmaschine mit Bürstenaufnahme aus elektropoliertem Edelstahl
two brush speed levels selectable
(144 o. 288 U/min)
brush connection made in
stainless steel
contra rotating subbrushes have a stabilizing effect


Technical Specifications of Single Disc Machines

Gmatic®     ES 420  ES 420 Duo   Gmatic Einschreibenmaschine ES420      
Working width mm 420 420
Voltage V 230 230
Drive speed rpm 173 144/288
Power W 1.300 1.800
Weight kg 34.5 43.5
Frequence Hz 50 50
Noise level dB 58 58

Comparison as PDF-File for download

Gmatic® Single Disc Machines with Contral™ brushes.pdf


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