Gmatic ultra 301 PSKT

Reinigungsmittel Gmatic ultra 301 PS

Ultimately, highly concentrated, hydrophobic, highly alkaline, for use in scrubber driers made of stainless steel in the industry, kitchens and foodstuff factories, catering, free of hydrophilic ammonia, potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, and by adhering to the surface of cationic and ionic surfactants, foam-free. Fast drying off due to a very high content of two kinds of solvents. High cleaning power by silicates, phosphates and phosphonates. Corrosive!


  • Stripper for industrial applications
  • Hygiene cleanser for kitchen, canteens etc.
  • Removes organic incrustations
  • Highly efficient and extreme powerful
  • Removes rubber abrasion of forklifts
  • Removes all kinds of coats and polymers
  • Free of any sulfactant, caliumhydroxyd, natriumhydroxyd
  • Potash and soda free
  • Quick dry-off due to high solvent's content


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