Gmatic ultra 102

Reinigungsmittel Gmatic ultra 102

The real innovative sour Power-Cleanser with the triple lime-solving-formula for large area runs to be used in scrubber driers made of stainless steel. Free of iron expectorant and prone to discoloration muriatic acid and phosphoric acid as well as sticky cationic und ionic surfactants, with protection against corrosion for valuable stainless steel surfaces and foam-free. Made for re-moval of cement films on newly laid out acid resistant stone floorings.


  • Protection for stainless steel parts and fittings
  • Anti-rost/anti-mineral sediment inhibitor
  • Forceful for material protection
  • Sour stripper and maintenance cleanser
  • Appropriate for manual or mechanical use
  • Very good cement residues
  • Hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid free


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