The unique ingredients in our cleaners have both a masking (phosphates) and dispersive (phosphonates) effect. During the cleaning process, these chemical compounds deactivate hardness components such as ions of heavy metals, which in turn stabilise molecules of dirt to be removed. Thanks to this partially “electrochemical process”, organic and inorganic dirt becomes soluble in water and, in turn, transportable. This process is supported by a “chemical scrubber” (trisodium metasilicate) and special solvents, which are also an indispensable component of our Gmatic® cleaning agents. Experience the outstanding efficiency of our products for yourself.

The benefits set us apart

  • exceptional efficiency thanks to innovative ingredients
  • major time-savings thanks to quick and easy application
  • permanently deep-cleaned surfaces thanks to the capillary effect
  • protects against re-soiling
  • quick drying ensures that cleaned surfaces are immediately safe to walk on
  • a clean appearance not only encourages customers to buy but also motivates your employees
  • minimal foam, no flocculation


Choose your product

Detergent Gmatic ultra 102

Gmatic® ultra 102

The sour power cleanser for cement residues

Detergent Gmatic ultra 300

Gmatic® ultra 300

Ultimate and highly concentrated stripper for special applications

Detergent Gmatic ultra 301 PS

Gmatic® ultra 301 PS

Ultimate and highly concentrated stripper

Detergent Gmatic ultra 302 PS

Gmatic® ultra 302 PS

The alcaline maintenance cleaner

Detergent Gmatic ultra 303

Gmatic® ultra 303

The alcaline maintenance cleaner for special applications

Detergent Gmatic biotec Innu3

Gmatic® biotec Innu3

The biotec maintenance cleaner



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