The aspiration and business purpose of Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG is to manufacture floor cleaning machines that not only excel in their capabilities regarding cleaning performance, hygiene and dry suctioning, but at the same shine in terms of unique durability and sustainable value retention The conscientious assembly of each component, the use of high-quality parts, DIN 1.4301 (Aisi 304) stainless steel as the base material, the careful application of riveting and welding techniques and the use of electropolishing to give stainless steel surfaces the ultimate finish are what make each Gmatic® scrubber dryer from the factory in Bergkamen a German engineering product steeped in tradition. Nothing is a more fitting label for turning a vision into reality than "(Hand)made in Germany".

Family tradition since 1966

The tradition in the development, production and sales of machines for industrial floor cleaning by the Gansow family of entrepreneurs stretches back to 1966.
Production now takes place at Reinigungssystem AG Cleaning Systems in Bergkamen-Rünthe, which was founded by Dr Peter Gansow in 2004. All engineering products are now developed, produced and sold there under the registered wordmark Gmatic®.

At the end of 2007, Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG, also founded by Dr Peter Gansow, acquired significant parts of Reinigungssystem AG Cleaning Systems and has continued its business since 1 July 2007. This "takeover" of the business operations is due to the direct connection of the umbrella brand with the family tradition.

This family tradition traces its roots back to 1966 and its founder Robert Gansow (who died in 1998), and is upheld by his successors Dr Peter Gansow and his son, Moritz Gansow, who has a degree in industrial engineering - a family name that has become synonymous with industrial floor cleaning.

Scrubber Dryers made (Hand)Made in Germany

The Gmatic® brand stands for first-class quality. Quality that can be relied upon. But what is it exactly that distinguishes a Gmatic ® machine from the rest? The deciding factor is that each Gmatic® scrubber dryer is handmade, rather than being put together on an assembly line, and one specific employee is responsible for everything from selecting and processing the first laser component to assembling the individual modules, right up to the final acceptance. Employees therefore strongly identify with the product, and this in turn has a positive impact on the product itself and its overall quality - a basic prerequisite for customer satisfaction.

Forgoing mass production

Making products by hand means forgoing mass production. In order to achieve high product quality, production is deliberately limited to small batch sizes, i.e. a maximum of ten machines per batch. Each assembly step is recorded and signed off by the respective employee on a tracking card. Each and every work step is thus marked by a high degree of personal commitment, attention to detail, and precision. This results in scrubber dryers that incorporate the benefits of low maintenance, high performance and durability, and thus products that hold their value for as long as possible. The advantage of buying a hand-crafted Gmatic® scrubber dryer is that it provides a high degree of planning reliability, which ultimately contributes to the success of your business.

Scrubber Dryers made by lasercut stainless steel

Scrubber dryers should not only clean reliably, they should also work for a long, predictable length of time without the need for repairs. Their day-to-day operation exposes them to extremely aggressive chemicals and considerable mechanical loads. Thus, the need for a robust and resilient material is undeniable. From the very start, Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG has worked exclusively with the one material that fulfils this criterion: DIN 1.4301 (Aisi 304) stainless steel – a material that, thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology, can be cut and edged into workpieces of the utmost precision in the range of tenths of millimetres. This is the material that forms the durable and robust basis of Gmatic® scrubber dryers.

Stainless steel - a synonym for hygiene

The range of use of every component that comes into contact with water within a cleaning machine in terms of the use of electrochemical cleaning agents is the deciding factor in achieving the highest quality of cleaning for different flooring types. Stainless steel is naturally resistant to chemicals. Thus, just as it is no problem to use hot and cold water, it is also possible to use cleaning agents with a pH of 1 to 14. Neither extreme pH values nor extreme water temperatures will damage the material used. Even the use of cleaning agents containing solvents and phosphonates will pose no problem for the Gmatic® scrubber dryer. Stainless steel is not subject to natural erosion and so the life expectancy of the Gmatic® scrubber dryer components is extremely long.

Scrubber Dryers made with electropolished stainless steel

Electropolishing is an electrochemical stripping and oxidisation process using an external power supply that gives stainless steel a dense, microscopically homogeneous and highly polished surface made of closed-shell chromium(VI) oxide. Furthermore, it also passivates stainless steels, from which products can be made for the most exacting of fields such as medical technology or the food industry.

Extremely high degree of protection against corrosion

Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG is the only manufacturer of scrubber dryers worldwide to harness the benefits of this process of subjecting all stainless steel components to surface treatment. This process results in an extremely high degree of protection against corrosion and the adhesion of bacteria, and turns each and every Gmatic® scrubber dryer into a long-term capital good. Electropolishing can be repeated multiple times and thus makes an extremely positive contribution, by way of reconditioning and recycling, to responsible resource management. Whilst being environmentally friendly and sustainable, it also offers significant customer benefits, as each Gmatic® scrubber dryer continues to turn heads during its day-to-day operations with its good-as-new decorative polish combined with a timeless look, even after years of intensive use.

Scrubber Dryers with welding and riveting techniques

TIG welding and riveting are used to join the individual stainless steel modules. These techniques require specialist knowledge that Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG has acquired and enhanced during years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel scrubber dryers. All welding work is performed with the utmost care and precision. It is quality rather than speed that is the deciding factor. TIG welding makes it possible to seam weld components together even in the most difficult and inaccessible of places. Furthermore, this technique is characterised by the comparatively low degree of distortion in components.

Reasonable economic manufacturing

Tried-and-tested riveting techniques from the automotive and aircraft manufacturing industries are drawn upon as further support for quick and economically feasible manufacturing - ideal for small, hand-crafted batch sizes. Lockbolts can be used quickly and precisely, unlike the conventional, complicated screw connection. The tightening torque achieved by riveting is significantly higher than that of screwing components together. The results are stronger joints that are durable and maintenance-free as well as a mechanically more rigid component. Components riveted together are resistant to shock and vibrations, unlike screw connections that can gradually come apart when subjected to similar phenomena. These then require checks, renewing of the screw connection, and preventive measures.


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