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The cleaning system of Gmatic® scrubber dryers adheres to the four principles of Sinner's Circle:
  • Mechanics (brush pressure, speed, and bristle quality)
  • Chemistry (cleaning agent and concentration)
  • Temperature
  • Time (especially for deep cleaning)

The total sum of the aforementioned mutually dependent factors ensures consistent and effective deep cleaning of all suitable flooring types (natural stone, high-quality stoneware, cushioned vinyl, linoleum, PVC, natural rubber and various other safety flooring types). Separate tanks for clean and dirty water made of DIN 1.4301 (Aisi 304) stainless steel allow the use of hot water and any desired cleaning chemicals (pH 1 to pH 14).

Customer benefits
  • Exceptionally clean floor surfaces
  • Dry floor surfaces
  • Guaranteed long-term results
  • Versatile use
  • Easy to use
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Gmatic® scrubber dryers are made almost entirely of DIN 1.4301 stainless steel. The already high-quality surface is further finished with an electropolishing process. During this process, the surface structure is transformed into shiny chromium(VI)-oxide - an extremely passive and hard closed-shell molecular structure with exceptional resistance to chemical and mechanical influences. This material is not subject to any natural corrosion, remains stainless and rust-free for the machine's entire service life, and thus gives all Gmatic® products their durability and high value retention.
Customer benefits
  • High degree of planning reliability
  • Unique durability
  • Exceptional retention of value
  • Low life cycle costsn
  • Easy to maintain
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The ability to operate and manoeuvre Gmatic® scrubber dryers in an intuitive manner gives every user a sense of safety, manageability and logical operating sequences. The combination of the consistent arrangement of control elements, immediate and linear reactions to the user's actions, exceptional manoeuvrability and the ability to clean surfaces right up to their very edge creates a pleasurable Gmatic® scrubber dryer experience for the user.
Customer benefits
  • Safe, intuitive operation
  • Manageability
  • Gentle, smooth machine reactions
  • Exceptional manoeuvrability, even in tight spaces
  • No need to redo or wipe down floor corners and edges manually
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Electropolished stainless steel means that the Gmatic® walk-behind and ride-on scrubber dryers can be readily reconditioned in the factory, even after many years of intensive operational service. A specially developed pickling solution for stainless steel not only allows deep cleaning but also enables the renewed passivation of all stainless steel surfaces. The modular design enables easy servicing of every module. Welded joints can be renewed, bent parts can be straightened, and all other parts serviced.
Customer benefits
  • Versatile reconditioning options
  • All reconditioned stainless steel parts look as good as new
  • Design improvements are included
  • Value retention of the capital good
  • 12-month extended guarantee - irrespective of the machine's age

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The combination of outstanding performance and high efficiency across all machine components culminates in providing extremely high productivity. One example is the long running time of a Gmatic® scrubber dryer using a single battery charge - made possible, amongst other things, by the three free selectable modes available to regulate brush speed and suction power, whenever traction models with system controller are focused and considered. The battery technology built into Gmatic® scrubber dryers delivers 30% more power density and 40% more life time cycles than comparable traction batteries. The finishing touches are provided by revolutionary charging times between 3 and 6 hours and the ability to top up the battery charge in between uses without affecting the life time charge cycles.
Customer benefits
  • Long life per battery charge
  • Longest possible operational readiness
  • Thus suitable for use over multiple shifts
  • Environmentally friendly as a result of high efficiency
  • Top-up and quick charging capabilities


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